Finding Nectar is a Denver Suburbs-based nursery providing flowering plants that are bee, butterfly, moth, bat and other pollinator-friendly. Plantsman, Brad Kuhn, started Finding Nectar’s humble beginnings in 2021 growing seedlings from Brad’s basement. Bees, the important role they play in our ecosystem, and a yearning to combat dwindling numbers are what sparked Brad’s interest. Almost one thousand species of bees are native to Colorado with around 150 species in Denver alone, and we want to see them for generations to come!

Pollinators play a critical role in the reproduction of 90% of flowering plants; one third of the food you eat is a result of these pollinators. Along with bees, there are many other types of pollinators including butterflies, moths, beetles, flies, birds, and bats. Finding Nectar’s mission is to help you create a habitat for these species to thrive.

Honeybees are the most prevalent species that you will find buzzing around your flower beds. They share a simple yet vital symbiotic relationship with flowering plants. While flying around and gathering nectar from various flowering species, the bees also collect pollen which is the flower’s male DNA. This pollen is transported to other plants allowing fertilization and reproduction of the plants. Without the hard work of these pollinators, plant species would cease reproducing and slowly die off.

The honey bee population has seen a nearly 60% decline over the last 80 years that is continuing to fall. By supplying plants that flower all year long we are hoping to support their repopulation by producing beneficial nectar for all pollinators while helping homeowners, commercial properties, and farms beautify their landscapes.